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Find Control("Drop Down List1"), Drop Down List)Line 34: e.

Lesson 1 showed you how to connect to various data sources by using the data source controls. This lesson presents an overview of data binding in ASP. It then presents the many data-bound controls found inside ASP. Simple data-bound controls are the controls that inherit from List Control.

NET 2.0 Basics section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions. When I try editing the 9th element on, I get the following error: (Note: the Details View obiviously has more than 8 records. Ht H, Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars My logic was obviously wrong for editing..would I need to change it to so that the current item being "updated" will have the selected value from the dropdown input into "ptype"--and.did it work for the first 8 items the way I have it? Rob Then when the updating event fires, you can do something like this: Protected Sub Details View1_Item Updating(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. I must assume that by "insert" all it did was reposition the "ptype" field in the parameters.it got about the amount of parameters being passed--it errored. The New Values collection is an Ordered Dictionary that only allows unique keys.

When I try editing any of the first 8 elements, I'm fine. So, a simple object with just an ID and a Description would give a Count of 2. I tried doing this via the Details View_Item Updating event as: e. Ironically enough..there are 8 fields in the Details View that are "editable" with the ptype being a dropdown in there--the 4th control in the edit view. So regardless as to whether I picked (1, "ptype", 20) or (3, "ptype", 20) or any other number in the first parameter below 8 -- it worked fine.

Will remove it a sec and see Nope, that is causing User ID to become Null and not affecting any other fields Update Command="UPDATE [Incident] SET [Date And Time] = ? You bind the parameters in the Edit Template, but in the item Itemupdating event you retrieve the value of the dropdownlst, (which is alreay bound to the parameter), and put it back into the parameter.

If wrote you almost a complete tutorial, but you don't seem to be willing to learn!

Finally, the Chart control is a data visualization control that inherits directly from Data Bound Control. NET Framework provides several base classes that are used to provide common properties and behavior for the concrete data-bound controls.

Inspection By:], [Work Comp Date] AS Work_Comp_Date, [Supv Approval Date] AS Supv_Approval_Date, [Safety Inspected By] AS Safety_Inspected_By, [Status], [Maint. Approval Date] FROM [Master]" Update Command="UPDATE [Master] SET [Work Performed / Parts Used] = @column1, [Work Completed By :] = @column2, [Maint.

Inspection By:] = @column4, [Work Comp Date] = @Work_Comp_Date, [Supv Approval Date] = @Supv_Approval_Date, [Safety Inspected By] = @Safety_Inspected_By, [Status] = @Status, [Maint. Approval Date] = @column5 WHERE [Work Order Num] = @Work Order Num"" Select Command="SELECT Work Order Num, Requestor, Date, Department, Completion Date, Machine Description, Machine Location, [Type of Work Order], [Work Required], [Work Performed / Parts Used], [Work Completed By :], [Maint.

I did debug and put a line: dim x as integer = e.newvalues.count and it was recording 7 (or 8--i forget). I haven't seen the rest of your page so I can only guess, but my take is you're not supplying a value for ptype in the code before (e.g. Command Argument, "Title", "New Value") You'll see it crashes with an error stating that Title (or whatever column name you have) already exists.

Why would the count only be 7 or 8 when there are obviously more than 10 records? through an editable control for example), so when Item Updating fires, the parameter is not listed in the New Values collection yet, allowing your code to actually add it. Cheers, Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars

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